I.C. People - IC People (Single 2017)

The song "IC People" - is the original anthem of the band, watchword for unity and following such a simple truth as "be or be done".
This song is about that, unfortunately, people in our world very often give false importance to the things, that don't have it.
"IC People" - is the song from person, who may seem strange in the eyes of others, because his truth and viewpoints are differ common among most of people. Things, which people try to see in us is differ from things, we focus our attention.
Othervise, anyone who is willing to listen, whose mind is clear and heart is pure, by the lyrics of this song we try to inform next: yes, we are different, but we are unite, we are one. Be or be done! Love! Stay till the end! You are an air for someone, you are a wall, someone can hide behind, you are the hope!
But, searching the way to rise for ourselves - I, society, all the people - we must not to forget, that we are the mainest source of the light for each other in our life.

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Posted by Олег Горбанько - Posted October 8, 2018
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