Raul Borges "FLORES DE LA MONTAÑA", arr. Antonio Lauro

Andrey Shilov plays Valse Venezolano by Raul Borges "FLORES DE LA MONTAÑA" originally composed for piano
and arranged for guitar by Antonio Lauro in 1976. Footnote says: "Para Alfonso Montes, Recuerdo de mi maestro
Raul Borges.
Raul Borges belongs to the generation of sucn composers as Agustin Barrios, the Brasilian Heitor Villa-Lobos
and the Mexican Manuel Ponce. Borges was born in Caracas, on February 4th, 1882. He started playing
Cuatro, Bandolina and then Guitar; More for observation and sensibility than for study or technique.
He travelled to Europe when he had the chance in the Venezuelan's Embasy. There he composed two important
pieces: "Vals sobre Motivos Franceses", "Sueno de Opio". When he came back to Venezuela he finally dedicated
himself to teaching Classical Guitar. Since then he received as a students Antonio Lauro, Rodrigo Riera,
Alirio Diaz and others. Some of his pieces are still inedited, but the last year the Proyecto Cultural Mavesa and
Funves published one book about Borges with some of his own compositions, they are: "Cacion Antigua",
"Cancion de Cuna en D y G Mayor", "Sueno de Opio", "Fuente Morisca", "Valse sobre motivos Franceses",
"Estudio", "El Criollito", "Marisol", "Valse Venezolano", "Danza" for three guitars, and "Adios" for guitar
and voice.
Borges died in Caracas on June 24, 1967.
Андрей Шилов играет Венесуэльский вальс Рауля Боргэса "Горные Цветы", написанный для
фортепиано и аранжированный для гитары Антонио Лауро в 1976 году. Посвящение гласит:
"Альфонсо Монтесу, в память о моём учителе Рауле Боргэсе".

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