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Antonio Palmieri_Rio-Grandense (Tango Brasileiro), tr. Edmar Fenicio

Andery Shilov plays Tango Brasileiro "Rio-Grandense" composed by Antonio Palmieri (circa 1880-1935). The piece was recorded by the author for Columbia Records which released records recorded by mecahanical means in Brazil between 1908 and 1912. For the period, it is certainly one of the earliest recordings of guitar solo made in Brazil. This is the only recording of this composer and instrumentalist that appears in the Brazilian Discography in 78rpm, published by FUNARTE in 1982. Apparently there are no published biographical data about A.Palmieri, but there is a possibility that he may be a relative, perhaps brother, of the Palmieri brothers, that played in the original formation of the Eight Batutas, next to Pixinguinha. Raul Palmieri was a guitarist and Jaco Palmieri was a percussionist. According to the online dictionary of Brazilian Music by Ricardo Cravo Albin, Raul and Jaco Palmieri's parents were Italians and lived in the neighborhood of Cidade Nova, in Rio de Janeiro, where they had several children. The title may mean "Inhabitant of Rio Grande da Serra" (city of Sao Paulo). The piece was transcribed from the old record by Edmar Fenicio - famous composer, arranger and transcriber. So, my is the second performance of the piece next to the author's which was made more than 100 years ago!
Андрей Шилов играет бразильское танго Антонио Палмьери "Rio-Grandense". Транскрипцию со старой пластинки
78 об/мин сделал Эдмар Феницио. Это второе исполнение пьесы после авторского, которое состоялось более 100 лет назад!

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